Fiddlers' Sons and Eddy Quinn

Since 1997, Eddy Quinn, John B. Webster and Garth Matthews, all of whose fathers were fiddle players, have formed the core of Fiddlers' Sons. The idea to come together was started by Eddy, a native of Cardigan, PEI. Eddy contacted his good friend John, also of Cardigan, and ran his idea by him. The next member to be added to the band was bass player Garth from the Summerside area. The last piece of the musical puzzle was the fiddler, Sheila MacKenzie of Little Pond.

Featuring guitar, fiddle, bass and vocals, the group's music highlighted Scottish and Irish roots of the Island along with more contemporary influences.

After five years, Sheila went on to a solo career. The guys have since shared their stage with Cynthia MacLeod, Maria MacDougall and Courtney Hogan, all of whom have influenced the group in their own special way.

Eddy Quinn has also released two CDs of his own, Outside of Sneakers Lounge and Rememory. His solo work has garnered four PEI Music Awards, to go along with the four PEI music awards for Fiddlers' Sons.

A fan favorite with Islanders and visitors alike, Fiddlers' Sons also host the extremely popular Close to the Ground music series. Fiddlers' Sons continue to what they do best; entertain. They are keeping traditional music alive, bringing new stories to life with each new song they write and continue to bring people together across the Island and the world with their music.

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