Tiptoe Through The Tulip Trail

Tulip Trail Geo-Adventure

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You can also download a gpx file with all the coordinates.  To save the file, right-click on the link, and choose Save Link As …

Tulip Festival Geo-AdventureJoin The Turret Bell and Points East Coastal Drive in the celebration of the return of spring.  In May of 2013, Points East Coastal Drive is hosting the second annual Points East Tulip Festival, and they have over 100,000 tulip bulbs planted throughout Eastern PEI.  To celebrate, The Turret Bell has created a special Tulip Trail Geo-Adventure.

Tulip Trail Geo-AdventureThe Turret Bell has gone out and hidden twelve containers, called caches, at or near tulip beds throughout the Points East Coastal Drive.  With your GPS (or even a GPS-enabled phone), you can find the caches.  The caches will be available from May 11 through May 19.  The coordinates for all of the caches will be listed on this page, or you can download a gpx file directly to your GPS (available soon).

For every hidden cache you find, you’ll get an entry into our draw for $200, courtesy of Island East.  Keep an eye on this page for more details on how to enter.

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Join Us For Our Launch

On May 11, we’ll be kicking off the Tulip Trail Geo-Adventure with a day-long cache hunt, followed by an official geo-caching event.  The day starts at Stratford Town Centre, 234 Shakespeare Drive (coordinates N 46 13.605 W 63 05.265) at 9am.  At this time, you can register for the day and get special instructions for the day’s puzzle.

Visit our Tulip Trail Geo-Adventure event page on facebookAfter a day of enjoying the tulips and finding caches, finish off at an official geocaching event in Morell at Cross Keys Bar and Grill.  We’ll have a few snacks for you to enjoy.  There will also be prizes for the top adventurers, as well as some random draws.  For those registered on geocaching.com, this event is listed as cache GC48A9E.  Also, join our event page on facebook.

New to Caching?

We can help you get started in this fun activity.  On May 11, we will have some GPS units available for rental for the day.  We’ll have someone on hand to show you how they work, and even help you register as an official geocacher.  For a quick introduction to geocaching, check out the video below, or visit www.geocaching.com.

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