fire and illusion

Blood & Gold: Fire & Illusion


The Hayle Coven Histories: Book 2

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“Are we sure we have the right place?” I didn’t want to doubt Josephine, but all we had was the coin and her sorcery. Even she admitted in the beginning there was a chance it wouldn’t work. 

She simply pointed at the large sign hanging on the fence. “Brindle Holdings.” But which Brindle? Samuel, or his sister, Georgina? The woman to whom my mother entrusted me, her own very best friend? Could the woman be playing us all false? 

Not that it mattered, really. I was a fugitive. Whether Georgina was in league with her brother or not, the coven was convinced of my guilt. And that was all she needed to burn me at the stake, innocent of Samuel’s actions or not.

Auburdeen Hayle is supposed to be in London for her own protection. But since she chose to help and befriend Jack Bishop, everything she knows and understands has fallen to pieces around her. Worse, her friend is lost and in the hands of those who want to use him as a weapon, slowly devoured by the living metal  infecting him. Hunted by the coven meant to protect her and the constabulary controlled by the very man who holds Jack captive, Burdie is forced to ally herself with those to whom truth and honesty are merely a convenience.


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