steam and sorcery

Blood & Gold: Steam & Sorcery


The Hayle Coven Histories: Book 3

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“Now you understand the rules of this particular engagement,” Samuel said with great and exaggerated casualness. “If you obey, all is well.” 

I locked eyes with Kate over the feast of food, mouth dry as dust. 

“And if I resist?” Great tears welled in my friend’s eyes, her head dropping as she covered her face with her hands. 

“Why,” Samuel said with false surprise, “I would think that was obvious. If you resist in any way, dear Kate dies.”

Things can’t possibly be any worse for Auburdeen Hayle. What began as a quiet trip for her own protection has turned into a nightmare of capture and escape. Taken by the Brotherhood of Atum and infected with living metal, Burdie is to be used as a weapon to start a war between magic users and the common man. Meanwhile, she battles to combine her witchcraft with the sorcery awakened inside her, both of which fight for control. If she can’t bring balance to her magic, she could very well be lost forever.


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