Booze by J Clinton Morrison

Booze: A Social Account of Prohibition on PEI


By J Clinton Morrison.

Stories and songs of the time of prohibition have become a permanent part of PEI culture and folklore.  This book chronicles the true story of alcohol on Prince Edward Island, its place historically in Island culture, the rise and fall of temperance and abstinence movements, and the impact of prohibition.

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As author or general editor, this is Mr. Morrison’s ninth book on Island history. Initially begun in 2006,BOOZE: A Social Account of Prohibition on Prince Edward Island, 1878-1948 has ben seven years in the making. It is divided into eighteen chapters, organized into five book sections:

Book 1: Demon Rum – chronicles the early use of alcohol on Prince Edward Island and its eventual abuse in colonial society

Book 2: The Temperance Movement – delves into the rise of the numerous temperance and total abstinence organizations (beginning in the 1820s) which attempted to ameliorate the problems caused by the abuse of liquor in PEI society by demanding legislation that would ban its use

Book 3: The Canada Temperance Act (1878-1901) – describes the implementation of this federal act which prevented the beverage use of alcohol in Island society and documents the problems of enforcement that ensued

Book 4: The PEI Prohibition Act (1900-1948) – describes the legislation of this provincial act and its problem-riddled history

Book 5: The Liquor Trade – provides a detailed look at the Prohibition era on PEI and chronicles the rise of the major problems of bootlegging and rumrunning in Island society resulting from the outlawing of the beverage use of alcohol.



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