Bubba Begonia and the Bully by Gerry O'Brien

Bubba Begonia and the Bully


By Gerry O’Brien.

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It was the first day of school and Bubba Begonia felt great. Then – SPLAT! Bubba meets his new classmate Stinky Biggs. He also meets a stalking crow, a pair of puppets who speak Wabatawbee, a skunk named Chiclet, a Flying Bag of Doom, and a dog with gas. He accidentally robs a bank, he’s called a ‘hero’ and is given a reward. He has the worst birthday party ever, sees his favourite teacher dripping with egg, buys a wedding cake that tastes like ‘looove’, saves a bully’s butt and nearly ends up in the slammer. This can’t be good, can it?

“Bubba Begonia is silly, gross and wildly imagined, just the sort of thing that will keep reluctant readers turning the page.”
–The Chronicle Herald

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