Demon Child: Book 3 of The Hayle Coven


By Patti Larsen.  Book 3 of The Hayle Coven series for young adults.  Sydlynn Hayle is an extraordinary girl who just wants to be ordinary, and struggles to come to terms with the legacy she’s been born into.

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By Patti Larsen.

Battle of Wills

I stood  in the misty rain talking to my mom about the demon who lived inside me like she didn’t belong there. That felt wrong. And weird. But more wrong.

Mom guided me to Erica’s van and helped me in the back seat while I whined about my injuries privately to myself.

Only I didn’t get privacy. My demon saw to that.

Stop being such a baby.

I slumped in my seat and tried not to hear her. Or feel her as she pushed the boundaries between us. I had the sudden realization my mother was wrong. Now that she knew what it was like, I knew my demon was determined to be free.

Even if that meant getting rid of me to do it.

Syd has only ever wanted to be normal. And now that the rift between her and her demon is growing wider, that future is finally a real possibility. But Syd is having second thoughts, especially when a vampire kidnaps her little sister, Meira. And her normal life at school is falling apart around her, thanks to the new kid, Benjamin, who seems to be an expert at turning her new friends against her. Syd finally understands the value of what she has, but may be too late. The demon inside her has her own agenda and will no longer be ignored.


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