Easy Gluten-free Lunches and Snacks: Simple Cookbook


By Tracey Allen.  Easy, healthy, gluten-free lunches and snacks.

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Product Description

This book is based on the idea of preparing simple, easy, and for the most part healthy lunch and snack choices that are also gluten-free. They may even be vegan and/or lactose-free, definitely no corn, bean or soy products. And where possible they are as inexpensive as possible, since being celiac or gluten intolerant can get expensive. Since the focus is on simple and easy the fewest ingredients are used and there is one all purpose inexpensive (well as an inexpensive as gluten-free flour can be) flour mix. This is of course because the author takes no joy in confusing the heck out of cooks with a different flour mix for each and every recipe. You will also not find weird and wacky ingredient lists to be ‘different.’ Included in the book are recipes for bread, hamburger buns, wraps, pita, tacos and crackers that are cheaper than buying them helping celiac and gluten intolerant people with their food budgets. The recipes are easy to make and use the fewest ingredients. Allen believes in keeping it simple and that it is healthier to cook from scratch, as well as, financially more sustainable. This book was created to share the simple tricks learned in the hope of preventing others from going years and years without decent bread products among other things. So here are the author’s secrets to share with the world in this simple cookbook. Hoping they work for you, as well as, they have worked for Allen in her totally gluten-free kitchen.


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