Fox: The Island Magazine For Kits

Fox: The Island Storybook for Kits


Edited by David Weale.  Fox is the Prince Edward Island storybook for children.

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Product Description

Fox: The Island Storybook for Kits is a brand new Island-inspired, and Island-made magazine for children. The team at Tangle Lane Inc., overwhelmed by the positive response to RED magazine, decided to assemble a storytelling magazine for children. Like RED, FOX is built on a foundation of local storytelling; Island authors have been partnered with Island artists to bring forth a full-color collection of educational and enchanting stories. The aim of FOX is to entertain children of all ages, and endear them to the Island storyline. In the first edition of FOX you’ll find Knight and Dragon dueling; a Fox Family fleeing the country for the city; a Mi’kmaq legend adapted for children; forest exploring friends; a very wise pug named Bean, and lots more fun stuff.


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