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Murder at a university, where secrets and schemes abound.

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Fraternity is the story of Ron Hewlett, a detective who still believes in the basic good of mankind and Samantha MacKenzie, the NYU professor whose sister is murdered under mysterious circumstances. When Ron and his partner, Gerry, arrive at the local fraternity house, they’re shocked to find it in shambles and the group of boys gathered together refusing to speak about anything. Four boys in particular stand out, and it’s Ron’s job to find out what is going on and who is responsible for the body they find in the house. As the body count rises, Ron finds himself attracted to the lovely Samantha, who also appears to be his number one suspect in the murders. Ron and Gerry discover secret after shocking secret not only about Samantha, but about the fraternity brothers, their leaders, and those in charge of it all. Meanwhile, there is a group of six women plotting the demise of the fraternity for their own twisted reasons, led by one woman who has sworn to protect her friends.

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