Hunt: Book 4 of The Hunted


By Patti Larsen.  Book 4 of The Hunted series for young adults.  What would you do to survive?

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By Patti Larsen.

Hunting the Hunters

The night air fills his lungs, silky and rich with aromas that drive him to ecstasy. The wind rushing past the fine hairs on his arms and cheeks tingles, the scent of blood and hot flesh everywhere. The world is sharp and bright, details so crisp they takes his breath away. 

They are around him, his family, his true pack, as beautiful to him as his freedom. Their silver eyes meet his for winks of time, shining chrome rims haloing gaping black, their pale skin shining in his vision. Even their gleaming teeth, smiling at him, fill him with a surge of joy as he runs on and on.

Reid has joined the hunters. But even now he is unable to avoid being pursued. Caught between the army and Dr. Lund’s mercenary forces, he is made to hunt under orders or be killed. Now his only hope of escaping slavery means trusting the very man who condemned him to this life in the first place.


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