Live and Close to the Ground 1

Live and Close to the Ground


Live CD from Fiddlers’ Sons

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Recorded live at Kaylee Hall, Pooles Corner, PEI in spring 2011.

  1. Tune Her Up
  2. Lizzy Lindsey
  3. Courtney Introduces Fiddle Set
  4. Fiddle Set
  5. Garth – Introduction of Galway City
  6. Galway City
  7. Feller From Fortune
  8. Old Man, Captain and Me
  9. All the Way to Cardigan
  10. You’re Not Alone
  11. Eddy Dismisses the Rumour
  12. Steppin’ On Toes
  13. Prime the Fiddler
  14. Eddy’s Tribute to His Dad
  15. A Lot of Snows
  16. Garth and Rosemary’s Vacation
  17. Dicey Riley
  18. Eddy’s Serious Set Intro
  19. Eddy’s Barnyard Friends
  20. Eddy Introduces Two Brothers
  21. Two Brothers
  22. Folsom Prison
  23. That Summer
  24. John on the Fiddlers Sons Origin
  25. Masters of the Bow
  26. John Acknowledges Farmers
  27. Sifters of Soil
  28. Catharsis


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