Over By The Car by David Weale

Over By The Car


by David Weale.

A collection of historical photographs highlighting Islanders' love affair with the car.

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Product Description

a new coffee table book by David Weale.

Imagine an event, any event, where an individual with a camera makes it known that he or she wants to take a group picture. At that point someone is almost certain to ask, “Where do you want us?” or “Where should we stand?”

There are any number of possible answers to that question; however, in an earlier time, before flash cameras, most photos were taken in the yard, and the most common answer to the question would have been, “Over by the car.”

Then as now individuals took photos of what they cherished – things that were a source of individual or family pride – and the fact that automobiles appeared in photographs so frequently between the 1920s and 1960s tells us much about Islanders’ love affair with their cars. Initially they had opposed the coming of automobiles, but as one elderly man put it, “Once the cars started to come they came quick.”

In this volume David Weale dips into his massive Prince Edward Island collection of black and white photographs to create an evocative and delightful gallery, not just of automobiles, but of the men an and women, boys and girls, who posed beside them. They are the real charm of the book.


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