Red Rock Run by Fiddlers Sons

Red Rock Run


From Fiddlers' Sons, featuring Eddy Quinn, John B. Webster, Courtney Hogan and Keelan Wedge.  Dedicated to the memory of Garth Matthews.

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From Fiddlers’ Sons

  1. Red Rock Run
  2. The Settlers’ Song
  3. Mary Hold On
  4. Lazy As A Rope
  5. It’s Still Me
  6. Three in the Tree
  7. The Outside Song
  8. Cape St. Mary’s
  9. Monks in the Lobster Shanty
  10. Thirty Five Years
  11. The Water is Wide
  12. Instrumental Set (The Boys Lament for his Dragon, Sweep’s Hornpipe, Fisher’s Hornpipe, The Growling Old Man and Woman)
  13. In the Sweet By And By
  14. St. Patrick’s Day


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