Red – Volume 20 – 2019


The Island is red, and RED is the Island.

RED – The Island Story Book. Edited by David Weale.

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Product Description

Volume 20 of Red Magazine – The Island Storybook, edited by David Weale, highlights Island life and culture.

Howdy REDheads, and happy summer to you all! We’ve assembled another collection of fine Island tales for your adirondack chair sitting, gentle hammock swaying, summer reading pleasure. We hope you enjoy RED volume 20.

In this volume, RED regular Alan Buchanan examines the age old Island custom of always having a pot of tea at the ready for guests.

For our cover story, Davy Weale’s “On the Banks of a Daydream,” follows the musical journey of Islander Garth Proude, from the stage of Queen Charlotte Junior High, to the set of CBC’s Singalong Jubilee, and beyond.

There’s berry picking, politics, an eccentric nun, a buffalo head in the trunk, a hippy music festival thwarted, and a whole lot more.

Look for RED volume 20 in stores the first week of July.

Back issues of Red Magazine are also available.