Red: The Island Storybook Vol 23 Cover

Red – Volume 23 – 2020


The Island is red, and RED is the Island.

RED – The Island Story Book. Edited by David Weale.

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Product Description

Volume 23 of Red Magazine – The Island Storybook, edited by David Weale, highlights Island life and culture.

Well, well, well. Crazy times wouldn’t you say? At RED, we’re ready for a reprieve from all the bad news, so here’s a wee bit of good news. When writers and storytellers are forced to hunker down in their abodes during a pandemic, they have lots of time to put stories on paper, and we’ve got the proof in volume 23 of RED: The Island Storybook.
In this volume of RED, we’re extremely pleased to present stories from six brand new authors, as well as many of the usual suspects.

David MacKenzie takes us on a vivid trip down memory lane, painting an eloquent picture of lush landscapes in his beautiful piece titled “To the Ponds.”

Author Richard Schroeter recounts his heart breaking experience of coming to terms with his brown skin-tone at the tender age of seven in his deeply personal story, “Marshfield Beavers.”

High school senior, Madeline Reddick, has shared her personal story of a cross-country trip to her new and beloved home, the Island, in a piece titled “Bridging the Gap.”

Don Wilson pitched in with a harrowing story of narrowly avoiding catastrophe while piloting a training flight aboard a P2V-7 Neptune, in his story “Very Bad to Considerably Worse.”

All of this and a whole lot more in volume 23 of RED: The Island Storybook, we hope you enjoy!

Back issues of Red Magazine are also available.