Something Fishy by Hilary MacLeod

Something Fishy


By Hilary MacLeod.

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Herrings are falling from the sky over The Shores. It seems to be one of those unexplained phenomena that have occurred in places around the world. But it turns out it’s just a publicity stunt by a newcomer, Anton Paradis, who’s opening a restaurant on the shore that specializes in “dangerous dining” – eating food that can kill you.

It does. At the first dinner, Anton’s elderly patroness, Viola Featherstonehaugh, dies laughing. The laughter causes a cardiac arrest, and it’s assumed the death is natural. Mountie Jane Jamieson’s suspicious – especially when Hy McAllister finds out that it’s possible to O.D. on saffron – it can cause laughter so severe it can kill.

Jamieson and Hy suspect Anton, especially after her will is read – and she’s left everything to her fish, and the building of a number of aquaria. Can there really be another murder at The Shores?

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