the diamond city

The Diamond City


The Diamond City Trilogy Book 3

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Fresco looked up and met glowing blue eyes. Daniel’s brimmed with moisture. He didn’t bother to wipe his tears away. “I’ll fail you,” Fresco said. 

“You can’t,” Daniel said. “Never.” Fresco reached out with his gift and touched his brother. So strange to feel him, to remember him this way, clean and wide open. Daniel’s touch saved him, in the end. 

Fresco wished he could be grateful.

Fresco is finally free of the blue joy forever. Even better, his brother Daniel is alive and clean, the leader of a group of kids who have been fighting the corporation for years. But Fresco faces worse than his own self-doubt and hatred at his weakness. A new strain of Wasteland has hit the streets, one turning  kids like him into savage killers. Time is running out for Wasted kids. Their only recourse is to invade the heart of the project and do what they can to end it once and for all.


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