The Diamond City Trilogy Book 2

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“I have an idea.” Fresco watched as Medley rolled her eyes, but she was with him, he could feel it. “We find the kids first. Get to them before they break out. Rescue them before the Garbagemen can hook them on Wasteland.” The old scientist stared at him like she didn’t know who he was. “It’s perfect, don’t you get it? We swipe them right out from under their noses and teach them about their gifts without the blue joy.”

Last Stand is no more and Fresco is left to pick up the pieces. With his damaged brother Daniel stashed for safe keeping, Fresco and the old scientist Medley gather the remaining survivors and do their best to protect them. But the Garbagemen have other orders. Orders from their leader to capture Fresco and make him one of their own.


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