Witch Hunt: Book 2 of The Hayle Coven


By Patti Larsen.  Book 2 of The Hayle Coven series for young adults.  Sydlynn Hayle is an extraordinary girl who just wants to be ordinary, and struggles to come to terms with the legacy she’s been born into.

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By Patti Larsen.

Buried Power

Alison appeared out of nowhere and grabbed my arm. Her cheeks were flushed and she looked really happy.

“Party!” She laughed, pulling on me to follow her.

I took the first step inside the circle and felt a surge of something I didn’t recognize flow up through the ground and into me, then out to the night. I stumbled from the magical contact and looked around a little panicked for the source. But whatever it was had gone and I was being bodily dragged into the light.

The sight of Brad waiting for me by the bonfire with a huge smile on his face was enough for me to forget my own name.

Magic? What magic?

Sydlynn Hayle has finally done it. Despite the fact her coven leader mother and demon father almost guarantee she’ll be an outcast forever, Syd has finally made friends. More than that, the captain of the football team wants to be her boyfriend. So why is it then, even though an ordinary life is all she’s ever wanted, Syd is so attracted to fellow witch Quaid Moromond? When an ancient power is freed and turned loose to ravage the town of Wilding Springs, Syd does her best to help her family fight while keeping her own goals in mind. Too bad the mysterious Chosen of the Light have other ideas in mind–ideas that will lead to her family’s destruction.


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